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If your heart beats too fast, too slow, or irregularly, you have an arrhythmia. To restore your normal heartbeat and prevent serious health complications, the cardiology team at Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, P.A., in Naples, Florida, offers comprehensive pacemaker services. The team provides on-site diagnostics for arrhythmias and creates custom surgical plans for pacemaker implant surgery. To find out if you’re a candidate for a pacemaker, schedule a consultation online now or call one of the three office locations today.

Pacemaker Q & A

What is a pacemaker?

A pacemaker is a small electrical device that treats a heart arrhythmia. An arrhythmia is a condition where your heart beats too fast (tachycardia), too slow (bradycardia), or has an irregular rhythm. 

When your heart isn’t beating correctly, it’s not able to pump enough blood. This can result in a variety of symptoms, including shortness of breath and chronic fatigue. To keep your heart beating properly, you may need a pacemaker.

Pacemakers are used to treat a number of heart problems, such as bradycardia or heart block, where the electrical impulse that controls the heartbeat is too slow or irregular. A pacemaker may also be recommended for a person who’s had a heart transplant or someone who was born with certain heart problems.

How does a pacemaker work?

While your heart has a natural electrical system that controls your heartbeat, it can fail. The pacemaker replaces this system and uses electrical pulses to stimulate your heart to beat normally.

A pacemaker can also track and record information about the electrical activity of your heart and its rhythm. The device can stimulate your heart to beat when you’re at rest or when you’re being active.

The small device contains a battery, generator, and sensors with attached wires that connect to your heart. Your cardiologist must surgically implant the pacemaker under the surface of your skin and attaches the sensor wires to your heart.

Depending on your needs, your physician at Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, P.A., may recommend a pacemaker as a temporary or permanent treatment for a heart arrhythmia.

What is life like with a pacemaker?

After some time spent healing from implant surgery, your doctor provides you with important information about living with a pacemaker. You’ll need to stay away from certain electrical devices and things that contain a strong magnetic field, like metal detectors, which can interfere with the operation of your pacemaker.

In many cases, you can expect to get back to your usual routine soon after your surgery. Your doctor can advise when it’s safe to return to physical activities, including high-impact exercise. You may need to avoid certain contact sports, like football, which can damage the sensor wires or your pacemaker.

You can expect to schedule a follow-up appointment with your Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, P.A., doctor every three months to ensure your pacemaker is intact and working properly.

To find out if you’re a candidate for a pacemaker to treat an arrhythmia, schedule a consultation online or call Naples Heart Rhythm Specialists, P.A.